Laura & Mark



I am Laura, and I come from Transylvania, a beautiful region of Romania, surrounded by dramatic mountains, romantic forests and rustic villages. My husband, Mark, is from Oxford in England, a country full of castles, stately homes and staggeringly beautiful rolling countryside. He was originally an academic and my background is tech. Despite having different upbringings (he is from a family of pirates while my blood has Dracula's genes all over it ..) we have lots in common, including a love of art and a passion for portrait photography.

You may have questions about me, the photographer and about Mark, the di Amorosa editor, so here I am trying to answer some of them.

Tell me a little bit about how did you start photography? Why did you choose it as your new profession?

I have been in a high tech career for a long time. We moved from Canada to the US in 2010. In my environment in high tech I interact with mostly men and I have been very busy raising my three children while staying up to date in my field of work. I have been feeling I am missing a lot of life by being separated from my fellow women and friends. I want to enrich my life and the ones of others through photography.

Around 2016 my husband and I decided to pursue photography professionally, as a business. It is something we can do together, it fits our spirit, interests and passion. We taught ourselves a lot and invested in equipment and education. We both developed complimentary skills. He loves and is very good at editing images (Photoshop) while I am very good with the camera, posing and lighting. He had a business in the past and knows a little about that. Initially we thought we would do wedding photography but we gravitated towards women portraiture. I found some excellent educators for photography and business, while Mark found educators for editing. I absolutely love photographing people and women especially. I find a new energy and life in working with women. I love it!

The creative and social aspect of photography is very refreshing and enriching, something I love and can do for a long time. It enables my husband and I to work together, it offers flexibility. Art enriches our lives and it is extremely fulfilling to see how it overjoys our clients!

2. Why did you choose portrait and boudoir photography like your signature product? Why do you love these genres?

For a long time I missed to be around women. I have been in the company of men for almost 30 years. I am petite and love to dress well, I love art, nature, books and women friends. Having three children and a challenging career, I found it impossible to be around other women like me. I love the female form and I found I love to capture it, but I also like interacting with the ladies and making them feel great, helping them realize they have beauty. Too many women lack confidence either in their body, or in their skills, or just in themselves. I was one of those girls when I was younger, and I wish to help others know that they can be themselves, to love their bodies, to relax and to enjoy life.

We have built the business from the ground up and specialize in portraits and boudoir. With portraits we want to capture the inner beauty of the people we photograph, their spirit! If done well, a portrait will seem simple in nature yet it is extremely sophisticated in the use of the camera, lighting, pose, color, expression and subtle editing. I love to unlock the spirit within!

Boudoir photography is like a dare, could be terrifying and exciting, a bit like a roller coaster ride. A lady thinks about it for a long time before jumping to try it. But after the session, she feels braver, stronger , more confident, and seeing herself in the images will, I hope, elevate her, or relieve her stress, whatever it may be. In addition, it can reignite passion in the bedroom and improve her intimate life.

3. How can you describe your style?

Our style is subtle and sensual, using light to soften skin or to increase drama. This can be seen both in portraits and boudoir. It can be playful, depending on location and client. Yes, I do tend to pose the girls in more alluring poses. My boudoir photography is sensual, could be erotic but not pornographic. I do nudes as well, but my photography shows the beauty of the human body, is not crude or vulgar.

Why come to us? ... Mark and I are really into quality. Every little detail counts and this ensures that your images will exceed your wildest expectations. For example, before the shoot even begins, I meet with you and discuss what kind of images you like, I help you with styling and choose your wardrobe that best fits you and the purpose of the images taken. More of that on our “Session” page.

Sounds a lot of work? Not for you! Our clients always love the experience. Our studio is a happy place where you will feel treated like royalty. Our in-house hair and makeup stylists will make sure you look your best! To find out more have a look at our portrait galleries, or simply drop us a line below! Whether you come to us for business or personal needs, we will be more than happy to serve you!