"The Sensual You" group is formed

I have some exciting news to share: I decided to create a new ‘ladies only’ Facebook group as an avenue for me to connect with my clients and models I worked with and potential clients of boudoir sessions to celebrate our sensual selves through photography! If you thought a boudoir session is stepping outside your comfort zone, then I am definitely stepping outside mine with this group! I would be happy to do 10 boudoir sessions instead! It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time, as I have never done anything close to this before!

Yes, I feel this is a wonderful idea, so why wait?

The idea of the group formed as I have been interacting more and more over the past two years with ladies of all ages, shapes, skin color and sizes for both portrait and boudoir sessions. During this time I realized two things: one, I love being in the company of all women, having fun with wardrobe changes and posing and I also love with the challenge and thrill of creating beautiful photographs; second, I often sensed that ladies come to me inhibited or downright ashamed of how they look, or with some aspects of their bodies. For example, there were models who looked amazing but they struggled to accept their stretch marks or their body hair, other were inhibited by their curves instead of celebrating them! Initially girls wanted to get it over with quickly, but during the relatively short time we were together, after the makeup was applied and the hair was curled magic was at work! The girls became relaxed, playful and let go of those negative emotions. I realized my lens + the girls’ entering in the ‘zone’ of my studio atmosphere was an extremely powerful potion and can have such positive long term effects! I am talking about increased body confidence, renewed energy , feeling strong, sexy and feminine!

With boudoir photography I am bringing back the thrill of stepping into those expensive and never worn lingerie sets and use them not just for the boudoir shoot … I mean, your partner will love me too! A boudoir session will inspire you to rediscover yourself, your love life, to follow through with diet, exercise and so many other plans and ideas you may have put on the back burner. Ladies, I want to show you how beautiful and gorgeous you are! If you are a new mother with young children, a grandmother or anywhere in between, you have the right to be beautiful, sensual and sexy!

My group is all about sensuality and the power of accepting ourselves, about loving ourselves exactly the way we are, and showing it off in the pictures I take of you.

If this excites you please come join me at di Amorosa The Sensual You and let’s have some fun!

PS. When you join there are opportunities for you to earn a free session and images, so do come in and invite your girlfriends!