Meet Laura & Mark Squire


Great to meet you and thank you so much for stopping by!

I am Laura, and I come from Transylvania,  a beautiful region of Romania, surrounded by dramatic mountains, romantic forests and rustic villages.  My husband, Mark, is from Oxford in England, a country full of castles,  stately homes and staggeringly beautiful rolling countryside. He is a teacher and my background is technical. Despite having different upbringings, we have lots in common,  including a love of art and a passion for portrait photography.

Why come to us? ... Mark and I are really into quality. Every little detail counts and this ensures that your images will exceed your wildest expectations. For example,  before the shoot even begins,  I meet with you and discuss what kind of images you like, I help you with styling and choose your wardrobe that best fits you and the purpose of the images taken.

Sounds a lot of work? Not for you! Our clients always love the experience. Our studio is a happy place where you will feel treated like royalty. Our in-house hair and makeup stylists will make sure you look your best! To find out more have a look at our portrait galleries, or simply drop us a line below! Whether you come to us for business or personal needs, we will be more than happy to serve you!

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